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Additionally shipping costs will be charged.

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After your payment is transferred, the book or books will be sent as soon as possible to your address.

The buyer pays in advance for the book(s) plus shipping.

Shipping is performed by Post NL.

Shipping costs are official costs established by Post NL (see SHIPPING button).

Included in the shipping costs is ‘Track & Trace’ and packaging of book(s).

When the parcel is in possession of Post NL, our responsibility ends for any damage or loss of the parcel.



Returns from the buyer are accepted within 14 days after receiving the parcel.

If the buyer wishes to return the book(s), the buyer pays shipping costs for this return.



We record only the information necessary to deliver the correct amount of books

to the correct location as specified by the customer and execute payment for such purchase as designated by the customer.

This includes:

- Name and address for shipping as well as payment info for billing.

- Contact information such as phone number and e-mail in order to facilitate communication should any questions or problems arise.


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